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Why South Africa

South Africa is an ideal offshoring destination due to its exceptional talent availability, with 16.5 million English speakers providing a rich resource of proficient communicators. The country boasts a 5% higher customer retention rate than other offshoring locations, demonstrating its ability to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Buyers also prefer the South African accent, which facilitates pleasant and effective interactions, enhancing customer experiences.

Recognized as the top impact sourcing influencer, South Africa shows a commitment to socially responsible sourcing practices that benefit both businesses and local communities. The country delivers 18% better customer experience (CX) quality compared to competitor offshore markets, ensuring top-tier service and competitive advantage. Exposure to Western culture through media and social media platforms gives South African talent a strong cultural affinity with Western clients, leading to smoother interactions and a better understanding of customer expectations. Additionally, South Africa’s accreditation in all major security and quality standards ensures robust data security measures, providing businesses with confidence in their data handling practices.


55% – 65% more cost efficient than source markets


Large talent pool of English speakers


5% better customer retention compared to other offshoring locations


Buyers choose the accent as preferential to other low-cost destinations


Awarded top impact sourcing influencer for 2022


18% better CX quality when compared to competitor offshore markets


Exposure to the US culture provided by media and social media platforms


Accredited in all major security and quality standards

South Africa as a region

  • 4 Main Regions for delivery
  • Voted in top 2 CX Delivery region in the last 3 years
  • Leader in Social Impact and Impact Sourcing

People and Recruitment

  • Unemployment rates of 50%+
  • Talent pool of over 250K new entrants each year
  • Skilled regions differ across 4 key regions

Labor Market

  • Merchants attrition rates sit at 40-50% PA or 3.8% per month,
  • Industry attrition rates closer to 65%+
  • Salary rates range from R6500-9500 per month

Regional Clients

  • 80%+ of outsource clients are international/Global brands
  • 30%+ of these are brands from the USA