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Effective quality management is about creating the perfect synergy between your people, products, processes and technology. Our Quality Management specialists use the most innovative tools and advanced analytics, to deliver insights that can be turned into value for your business. As well as taking care of your functional quality needs, we also offer specialist consulting, Quality training and best practice analysis.

Cortex Service Offering – Quality

Best Practice Alignment Analysis

Deep Dive Analysis

Best Practice & Benchmarking Alignment Analysis

Quality Assessment Development Model

Total Quality 360° Analysis

Functional Consulting & Training

Framework Design

Operational Improvement Consulting

Manager Coaching and/or Mentorship

Quality Practices Training

Delivery of Quality Function

Provision of Moderation, Calibration and Escalation Processes

Delivery of Intelligence Report

Facilitation of Improvement Program (QIP)

Customer Experience Analytics

Operational Improvement Solutions

Performance Drivers

Improving Client Satisfaction & NPS

Enhancement Opportunities (Customer Value Chain)

Root Cause Analysis – Agent and Non-agent Related Causes

Partnership for growth

By working with Merchants, your business will enjoy: reduced customer effort and optimised business efficiency, active management and mitigation of risk as well as a seamless, high-quality multi-channel customer experience.

A transformed customer service experience

Our Specialist Operational Support Services perform the role of a “Cortex” within the Contact Centre – to provide superior, forward-thinking active intelligence. We equip key contact centre stakeholders with insights that increase First Contact Resolution, Net Promoter and Customer Satisfaction performance.

Targeted service improvements and lower risk

Using data-led insights, we’ll help you prioritise, design and execute targeted service improvement initiatives. We also understand that mitigating against risk is just as important. That’s why our goal is to use data-led insights to optimise customer journeys and find new opportunities for value creation.

Flexible options to suit your needs

As well as providing outsourced Quality Management support services, we offer specialist Quality Management consulting, training and best practice performance analysis. With many local and international awards under our belt for our Quality Management services, Merchants is proud to be a hub of specialist Quality Management expertise.