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Case Study | Say ‘Hello’ to positive customer experiences in the telecommunications industry


Telecommunications providers enable our connected world and their customers have high expectations. In an always-on digital age, survival is not just about delivering omnipresent connectivity, it’s about protecting revenue streams and driving loyalty at every customer touch point. Customer relationships are now a top priority. As voice and data services are commoditised, the only way telecommunications providers can hold onto their space in a customer-centric future, is by using every opportunity to delight their customers across every channel.


With aggressive newcomers and ever-expanding connectivity options, competition in the telecommunications market is unrelenting. Serving telecommunications providers since 2005, Merchants’ experience means we know how to address industry-specific challenges that include:

• Offering personalised service and resolving customer queries efficiently
• Driving customer loyalty to grow market share
• Staying competitive through the right products and services, at the right price
• Consolidating services to drive efficiency across the business
• Implementing a digital strategy with appropriate self-service
• Updating legacy networks and integrating disparate systems
• Fraud, credit card chargebacks and payment compliance issues


Our approach is thorough and practical, when it comes to finding the right solution for your business. With a customer-oriented focus on growth, we draw on our deep expertise of the telecommunications industry to deliver future-proofed solutions that put the customer at the heart of your operations.


To attract the right multi-skilled people you need, we use digital tools to reach the agents of the future. By understanding the needs and profile of every role within your business, we focus on matching talent to each profile to deliver the right fit – in personality and cognitive ability. Through digital recruitment and pre-screening, we’re able to deliver easy access to immediate talent, at a fraction of the cost. To help manage attrition, we offer career progression opportunities for growth.


As today’s digital customers move effortlessly from one channel to another, self-service needs to be balanced with a personalised, multi-channel experience. As the face of your brand, your agents need to be aware of the processes, behaviours, skills and standards expected of them. Our ongoing training culture is focused on faster speed to competence – with ongoing regulatory and industry-specific refresher training, and on-the-job decision support tools. To ensure a consistent quality of service, we create and implement well-designed product and system programmes, as well as soft skill, non-visual communication training. We use innovative gamification training to engage employees and identify skills gaps, and offer ongoing specialist training on Quality 360 and WFM best practice and technology.


To elevate your customer experience, your front line agents need ready access to information to resolve queries and offer support. Product and service complexity is a challenge, and we’ve helped telecommunications providers to address service consistency issues through:

• Decision support tools and knowledge databases for technical and product queries
• Personalised customer insight drawn from big data
• Quality methodologies and assisted support and training
• WFM tools that aid in capacity planning and operational efficiency
• Process guidance tools that reduce training times
• Online troubleshooting tools and escalation management


Through our global service centres of excellence, we deliver integrated multi-channel customer experiences enhanced by industry’s leading digital tools. As customer advocates, our track record for providing the right customer experiences in telecommunications includes:

• Providing high value B2B and B2C customer service
• Improving query resolution to reduce volumes and grow customer loyalty
• Inbound and outbound, multi-channel sales in accordance with strict regulations
• Digital customer management including social media and web chat
• Service and technical expertise to handle complex queries
• Multi-skilled agents and rapid scaling to meet peak demand
• Delivering technology solutions and active intelligence for improved customer insight
• PCI compliance and insight to mitigate the risk of fraud
• WFM optimisation, audits and planning services
• Quality insight, audits, optimisation and compliance


In a digital world where soft skills are sought after, we use an open conversation style and motivational approach to coach people and boost productivity and performance. Leading technology tools ensure quality compliance, while our focus on the individual means we look at behaviours, needs and strengths to drive high employee satisfaction and a culture of belonging. To help grow future leaders and support career progression, we monitor coaching in real-time, give agents more flexibility and empower our people through wellness programmes.


As telecommunications providers look to automate repetitive work and drive greater efficiency, a customer-centric future enables your people to focus on delivering higher value, more complex services. As committed partners with more than a decade of experience in the industry, we share valuable insight and innovative ideas to help you grow in the future. Our work with other telecommunications providers has been focused on improving operations through:

• Data-driven customer insight that drives higher customer value
• More automation, mobile-enabled interactions and self-service apps to reduce call volume
• Segmenting customer bases and mapping out customer journeys along every touch point
• Advising on integration of internal systems and processes with new technology
• Designing a unified digital experience that meets customer expectations
• Sharing valuable customer insight into service and product offerings
• Innovative design and planning roadmaps that drive process efficiencies
• Ongoing assessments of competitive markets and identifying key revenue generators
• Help desk services to support growing connectivity options and technical skills requirements
• Driving better security and authentication standards for customer protection
• Addressing formal governance requirements


• First call resolution up by 10% in one year
• 50% reduction in overall abandon rates
• Overall sales volume up by 30% in one year
• Outbound sales in upgrades up by 19.70%
• First call resolution 81% average over one year
• Net promoter score up by 9% in one year

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