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Case Study | Raising your retail customer experience through people, insight and technology


While sales powers the retail industry, competitive advantage is driven through customer loyalty. That means retailers have to work even harder to show their customers they value their loyalty and time. To match evolving expectations and behaviours, you need to achieve the right blend of streamlined, digital service and knowledgeable people, who know how to deliver the right personal touch. The goal? To keep them happy and coming back.


Customer service in retail is about developing lasting relationships through easy, positive and seamless customer experiences. Serving retail customers since 2006, Merchants continues to build on its retail expertise to help top retail brands address challenges that include:

• Finding new ways to save costs and drive revenue through loyalty
• Driving self-service and process efficiency, to reduce customer frustration
• Using big data effectively for better customer insight and behaviour prediction
• Choosing the right tools to support agents in providing personalised experiences
• Focusing on the right customer service channels as digital demands increase
• Establishing quality management and customer service standards


The retail industry comes with its own unique set of business and customer challenges. Whatever the solution, we take a holistic approach to finding new opportunities for growth. With a focus on transforming retailers’ customer strategies, we deliver real operational solutions that are future-focused and geared for success.


To attract the right multi-skilled agents of the future, we recruit for the right positive attitude to deliver the right customer experience. Using data science, our focus is on matching the people and job proles to deliver the right t, both in personality and cognitive ability. Through digital recruitment and pre-screening, this means we’re able to give retail brands easy access to immediate talent, at a fraction of the cost. To help manage attrition, we offer career progression opportunities for growth.


Today’s customers do their research and want easy access to information and to solve problems on their own. As the face of your brand, your agents need effective training to help them build rapport with customers, ask the right questions and understand the behaviours expected of them. Our ongoing training culture is focused on faster speed to competence, where we create and implement training programmes that include: customised product, system and process training, along with brand-focused modules and online soft-skills training. Specialist training on Quality 360 and WFM best practice and technology is offered on an ongoing basis.


As retailers strive to deliver personalised experiences, customers assume you know something about their needs and preferences. As well as avoiding making customers repeat themselves, you’ll need to communicate what to expect in terms of process, while being able to solve problems and offer advice. To ensure your agents meet those expectations, we’ve helped other retail clients through:

• Consolidated, efficient process mapping and implementation
• Decision navigation tools, online troubleshooting and standard operating procedure libraries
• External and post-call feedback surveys to measure customer satisfaction(CSAT)
• Effective queuing and escalation management and speech analysis
• WFM tools and Quality methodologies to aid in capacity planning and operational efficiency


Providing integrated multi-channel customer service centres, we provide the right customer experiences to support your operations. Driving a customer-first culture that enables highly skilled teams to focus on retail-specific business, our track record of delivery includes:

• Consolidation of processes with a focus on automation and efficiency
• PCI compliance, fraud and credit card chargeback reductions
• WFM optimisation, audits and planning services
• Technical service, sales set ups and training support
• Quality insight, audits, optimisation and compliance
• Powerful reporting to measure CX and active intelligence for customer insight
• Intelligent call profiling for first contact resolution and self-service


Through an open conversation style and motivational approach, we coach people to boost productivity and performance. To ensure quality compliance, we use leading technology tools, and our focus on the individual means we look at behaviours, needs and strengths to drive high employee satisfaction and a culture of belonging. To help grow future leaders and support career progression, informal and formal coaching is offered, with wellness programmes to support personal health and wellbeing.


Customer behaviours are changing, as are their expectations, when it comes to dealing with your brand. To build a memorable shopping experience, we help identify opportunities for operational efficiencies, technology improvements and evolve your customer strategy for the future. Our focus is always on ensuring an integrated approach to multi-channel customer journeys, and we work with retailers to achieve this by:

• Identifying sales opportunities and contact centre sales strategies
• Helping cut operational costs using active intelligence, automation and self-service
• Driving operational efficiency through WFM and quality assurance
• Global benchmarking and competitive horizon scanning
• Consolidating processes and improving customer service scores
• Advising on IT tools, AI and digital platforms for future success
• Guiding you on recruitment profiling, and evolving training and coaching needs


• Rapid ramp up by 35% for seasonal peak volume
• Improved AHT through real-time troubleshooting
• 25% increase in sales through new dedicated sales team
• AHT reduction by 10% through enhanced agent desktop functionality
• Failed transactions reduced by 845 calls through dedicated skills groups
• 30% Reduction in FTE headcount.
• 25% increase in IVR call completion rate

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